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Fort Worth, TX 76133, USA

745 E. Beltline Road
DeSoto, TX 75115, USA


SpeedClean Car Wash

What Our clients say...

"I have been to Speed Clean every other week over the past 3 years. Their service is fast, friendly and very thorough. I just won't take my car anywhere else! I haven't had anyone clean my car that wasn't professional!"
Jean B.

About Us

SpeedClean Car Wash is a family owned business dedicated to bringing valuable services to our local community. Founded in 2005 we offer exterior and full service wash packages as well as consistently high quality express detailing services to our customers. At SpeedClean Car Wash every team member is passionate about offering the best possible car washing experience and neighborly service to our customers every day. Using only the highest quality products and best in the industry tunnel equipment, SpeedClean is committed to your ultimate satisfaction.